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  1. Lifelong Kansan
  2. Pro-life
  3. Pro second amendment
  4. Believes that agriculture is the backbone of our state
  5. Believes our county is made great with legal immigration
  6. Believes in lower taxes and smaller Government
  7. Believes laws should be made by the Legislature not the Judiciary
  8. Rejects the idea of Socialism while understanding the needs to be able to protect the vulnerable
  9. Believes in states right as a constitutional republic
  10. Believes in the rights of all human beings equally
  11. Believes that a strong military is need to protect our freedom
  12. In public service for 30 years
  13. Served as Fire Marshal with the City of Topeka for 6 years
  14. Law Enforcement Officer 17 years
  15. Board Member for the Kansas Capital Area Chapter American Red Cross
  16. Member of the International Association of Firefighters for 27 years
  17. Public Information Officer (PIO) on the Kansas All Hazards Incident Management Team
  18. Served on the Topeka, Shawnee County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition

Michael Martin began his career in Public Service as a volunteer firefighter at the Mission Township Fire Department in 1989. During this time he received fire service training, including Firefighter I and II and became certified to the level of EMT-ID through the State of Kansas Board of EMS. In 1998 he worked as a part-time Duty Officer and was responsible for the supervising up to 25 volunteers on all aspects of fire ground and EMS operations.

In 1993 he was hired by the Topeka Fire Department as a Third Class Firefighter and worked through the ranks to the level of Apparatus Operator. Martin successfully tested for the position of Lieutenant and was on the promotion list for advancement. In 2003 he applied for and was selected to move into fire investigations.

As a Fire investigator Martin received training from the State of Kansas Fire Marshal’s Office, The National Fire Academy and the Kansas Highway Patrol, in the investigation of fires and explosions. He has been involved in the investigation of over 1,000 fires and/or explosions, with some of those being fatality fire, homicides, house fires and vehicle fires. In 2012 Martin applied, tested and received certification as a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI-IAAI) through the International Association of Arson Investigators; this is the highest certification of available to Fire Investigators.

In 2014 Martin applied for and was chosen to be promoted to the position of Fire Marshal for the City of Topeka. Until his retirement in December of 2019 his duties include supervision, discipline and development of the members of the Fire Prevention Division. Martin worked as an executive level department administrator. He was responsible for the management and operation of the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau and the overall approach to media and public relations needs and issues. He supervised Fire Prevention personnel, interpreted, administered, and provides input regarding fire prevention regulations, department guidelines, policies and procedures, negotiations and budgeting. He was responsible coordinating fire prevention functions with other City of Topeka departments and partnering with outside agencies to provide fire prevention and safety training.

Martin’s love of public service, and desire to help others, moved him to join the Board of Directors of the Kansas Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross in 2014; he served as the Board Chair in 2018/2019. He was also honored by the Red Cross in 2018 for his work in Organizing the Battle of the Badges Blood Drives starting in 2017, and received the Gift of Life Hero award at the annual Tribute to Heroes event. 


3846 SE Howard Dr
Topeka, KS 66605